Socio-Economic and Sustainable Development

The founding members and associates of MTD have proven successful track record in developing and implementing Social Labour Plans and offer the following services:
•Socio-Economic Studies
-Research and studies for Social Impact Assessments and other related Environmental Impact Assessments studies for both existing businesses as well as feasibility studies  as well as socio – economic studies to determine the base line for Social Labour Plan (SLP) development
 Assisting with the research and costing of sustainable local economic development requirements and plans for feasibility studies and social labour plans.
•Social Labour Plans
The development and implementation of practical and affordable SLP’s as well as the statutory reporting thereof if required viz:
Development of Social Labour Plans for mining rights applications including Employment Equity Planning, Skills Development Planning, Career Progression Planning, Mentorship Planning and Processes pertaining to Downscaling and Retrenchment.  Together with the Design Engineers and HOD’s we have a proven track record of drawing up SLP’s that are realistic, achievable and affordable yet acceptable to government where applicable (South Africa).  Social Labour Plans can also be adapted to suit company requirements in countries outside of South Africa.
Implementation of Social Labour Plans in line with commitments and time lines.
Development of Work Place Skills Plan and submission thereof
Annual Training Report and submission
Statutory and/or executive reporting of Social Labour Plan progress in line with SLP commitment dates.
Assisting with the costing and definition of labour requirements for feasibility studies and capacity planning.
Assisting with research into skills profiles and availability or scarcity per project area and documenting the potential risk factors or impact this may have for feasibility studies (financial, economic and availability of required skills).
Assisting with the research and costing of sustainable local economic development requirements and plans for feasibility studies and social labour plans.
Researching human resource related risks and the potential consequences relevant to feasibility studies including risk mitigation.
Development of manpower plans and associated costs for feasibility studies.
•Socio-Economic Communications
Providing consulting services on strategy in respect of Stakeholder and community engagement based on socio-economic studies and company policy.  Socio-economic studies require community interaction, MTD assists in managing community expectations and providing feedback to community leaders and members.
•Micro and Small Business Incubation 
Identification and development of members from host communities into micro and small businesses to support company growth and sustainable socio-economic development.
•Annual Training Reports & Submissions
With a successful track record in managing training centers, MTD are able to compile or assist with compiling statutory annual training reports and submitting to the relevant Seta. This may also include the Workplace Skills Plan if required.
•Portable Skills Training
Accredited training for portable skills including various accredited construction training and computer skills amongst others.